An Interesting Perspective on ERP Systems

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System/Software is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. But an ERP System is not a magic wand that will solve all the problems faced by companies, and increase profits/reduce errors, overnight. It requires good technical skills with implementation expertise, and... »

Can you buy Network Switches & Load an OS of Your choice? – Yes!

On the day of writing this article, customers can buy bare-metal or white-box network switches and load any one from (at least) three flavors of Linux-based network operating systems, into it. If that makes you hope that network switches may one day become like general-purpose... »

What is a SIP Threat Management Device (STM)?

You may be familiar with UTM – Unified Threat Management device, but have you come across an STM – SIP Threat Mangement device, that is used to protect the IP PBX and IP Phones/Telephony infrastructure from threats/attacks? Here is a guest post by Martin... »

Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency – Learn from Facebook & Google!

Let’s admit it – Data Centers are tremendous energy guzzlers. Anti-Green. But, you wouldn’t have much of a reason to think about improving the energy efficiency of data centers just because you need to make the earth a greener place to live in. But... »

Libre Office Impress Remote Control using Android & iOS mobile

Video Tutorial on how to set-up and use Libre Office Remote Control using Android: As you might know, Libre Office is a free/open source office productivity suite. Libre Office Impress enables you to create and present slide-shows. A new feature developed for Libre Office... »

Priority Flow Control (IEEE 802.1Qbb) enables FCoE

Convergence of Fiber Channel-based storage network onto Ethernet network has many advantages. Fiber Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE) is the protocol that enables this convergence. But, the Ethernet network is basically a lossy communication medium – packets are dropped when there is congestion and it... »

telepresence: Open Source SIP Telepresence/MCU

If you are looking for a full-fledged MCU (Multi Conference Unit) that can connect with any SIP-based endpoint, supports unlimited number of bridges and participants, supports Full HD (1080p) & Ultra HD (2160p) real-time video at 120 fps, is open-source and free to use,... »

A Few Applications of Building Management Systems over IP Networks

Building Management Systems (BMS) is the cumulative name for all devices that are used to monitor and control HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems, Security systems (like fire alarms, access controls), Lighting systems, Energy management, etc. in a large premises. Intelligent BMS systems integrate... »

Asterisk – The Open Source Telephony/Communications Platform

Gone are the days when Telephony companies could dream of selling customers a large PBX that can be loaded only with their proprietary modules. This fantasy of Corporate Telephony companies (save a few) has been shattered due to the advent of one strong open... »

ONVIF – Standardizing Network Video & Access Control for Inter-operability

Network-based IP Video surveillance cameras are great, but they are not like the SIP phones. You can connect a SIP phone to any IP PBX that supports SIP (most of them do) and expect – at the least – all the basic functionality to work. But,... »

FreeNAS: Open Source Network Storage (At a Glance)

FreeNAS: Open Source Network Storage (At a Glance)

What’s the simplest way to create network-based centralized storage? Buy a NAS appliance and hook it to your network. But what if, there was an open-source software (downloaded more than 5 million times) that enables you to build your own feature-rich NAS using commodity... »

What is a WAN Emulator?

Most organizations have multiple branches and employees access applications over Leased Lines, MPLS Lines, VPN over Internet Leased Lines and even VPN over broadband networks. In such a scenario, how would you ensure that the applications hosted in your data center will adhere to... »

Collectd: Open Source Tool for Collecting Statistics & Performance Measurements for IT Devices

Collectd: Open Source Tool for Collecting Statistics & Performance Measurements for IT Devices

Collectd is a free & open source tool that gathers statistics & performance data for IT systems. It is useful for performance analysis and capacity planning. Written in C, it can run on varied platforms like computers, servers, network systems and even embedded systems.... »

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Bi-Monthly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (25 Mar – 7 Apr, ’14)

By Rajesh K

Hello, Welcome to bi-monthly Computer Networking/IT industry updates. In this edition, let us look at some news & product releases by the vendors in... »