Delivering your Desktop from the Public Cloud?

I guess you are familiar with Desktop Virtualization. Using it, companies can host (and process) user’s desktop sessions in their data centers, and just send the desktop image to the end-user terminal over the network. This process happens within the enterprise network/private cloud. What if, desktop sessions can be hosted and delivered, instead, from... »

Zero Clients – Advantages and Limitations

What are Zero Clients? You maybe familiar with a thin client used in desktop virtualization. There is also something called as Zero Client, also used in desktop virtualized scenarios. In a Zero Client – unlike a thin client – there is no CPU, no local storage,... »

WW-DRT: Open Source Wi-Fi Router Firmware

It is possible to replace the firmware/GUI that comes built-into most consumer-grade wireless routers with a third-party open source firmware (DD-WRT). But why should you do that? To increase the features and functionality of the consumer-grade wireless router, of course. You may not be able... »

Event: HP World Tour 2014 (Mumbai, India, July 04)

HP World Tour 2014 event will be held on July 04 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Santacruz, Mumbai, India. This is a one-day business conference featuring (among others) spotlight sessions on hot topics like Big Data, Cloud, Mobility & Security. HP Executives, industry luminaries... »

My First Novel has been Published as an eBook!

Disclaimer: This is a general post, not related to Computer Networking/IT Technologies. If you were wondering why I’ve not been active on this blog for sometime, it’s because I was busy writing a novel! This story is titled – ‘The Archers Revenge’ and has... »

An Interesting Perspective on ERP Systems

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System/Software is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. But an ERP System is not a magic wand that will solve all the problems faced by companies, and increase profits/reduce errors,... »

Can you buy Network Switches & Load an OS of Your choice? – Yes!

On the day of writing this article, customers can buy bare-metal or white-box network switches and load any one from (at least) three flavors of Linux-based network operating systems, into it. If that makes you hope that network switches may one day become like general-purpose... »

What is a SIP Threat Management Device (STM)?

You may be familiar with UTM – Unified Threat Management device, but have you come across an STM – SIP Threat Mangement device, that is used to protect the IP PBX and IP Phones/Telephony infrastructure from threats/attacks? Here is a guest post by Martin... »

Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency – Learn from Facebook & Google!

Let’s admit it – Data Centers are tremendous energy guzzlers. Anti-Green. But, you wouldn’t have much of a reason to think about improving the energy efficiency of data centers just because you need to make the earth a greener place to live in. But... »

Libre Office Impress Remote Control using Android & iOS mobile

Video Tutorial on how to set-up and use Libre Office Remote Control using Android: As you might know, Libre Office is a free/open source office productivity suite. Libre Office Impress enables you to create and present slide-shows. A new feature developed for Libre Office... »

Priority Flow Control (IEEE 802.1Qbb) enables FCoE

Convergence of Fiber Channel-based storage network onto Ethernet network has many advantages. Fiber Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE) is the protocol that enables this convergence. But, the Ethernet network is basically a lossy communication medium – packets are dropped when there is congestion and it... »

telepresence: Open Source SIP Telepresence/MCU

If you are looking for a full-fledged MCU (Multi Conference Unit) that can connect with any SIP-based endpoint, supports unlimited number of bridges and participants, supports Full HD (1080p) & Ultra HD (2160p) real-time video at 120 fps, is open-source and free to use,... »

A Few Applications of Building Management Systems over IP Networks

Building Management Systems (BMS) is the cumulative name for all devices that are used to monitor and control HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems, Security systems (like fire alarms, access controls), Lighting systems, Energy management, etc. in a large premises. Intelligent BMS systems integrate... »

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Bi-Monthly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (1 – 14 July ’14)

By Rajesh K

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