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Libre Office Impress – Ten impressive features that you could use while making presentations

Libre Office, is a free office productivity suite like Open Office and Impress is the application used to make impressive presentations. This post is to introduce to you, ten interesting features available in Libre Office Impress which could be used to make presentations that stand apart from the crowd. After all, presentations are made to impress/ convince people, ain’t it? 🙂

  1. Hide a Slide: There are certain situations where you just need to show a few slides of a bigger presentation, or omit certain slides to certain audiences. In these cases, its possible to hide certain slides from showing in the ‘slide show’ mode. Once you are finished, you can un-hide them anytime. This can be done by right clicking a particular slide on slide pane and selecting ‘hide slide’.
  2. Save the presentation as PDF file: If you are not sure if the presentation will be opened in Libre Office (if you are sending it to someone else/ presenting from a different computer that does not have Libre Office installed), you can save the presentation as *.ppt format used by MS Office (or) just export it as a PDF document. But do note that *.odp is the open standards file format for presentation used by leading application vendors like Libre Office, Open Office, etc.
  3. Slide Transition / Sound Effects: The normal slide shows are boring – make it peppier by using different types of transitions and sound effects for each slide. You can open the next slide from up to down, from left to right, circular fashion, combination of multiple small squares etc. You can select a sound effect while opening each slide to ensure people are woken up!
  4. Auto Play: If you are displaying your products in an exhibition and want the slides to keep playing automatically, you can do so by selecting – Slide Show –> Slide Show Settings –> Auto (‘n’ seconds). So, now the slides will automatically change after ‘n’ seconds instead of you having to click each time to go to the next slide.
  5. Change Master Layout Background Colours/ Patterns: Well, there are a few basic Master Slide designs with every program and what if your colleague happens to use the same master slide design in his presentation, as yours? With Libre Office, goto Format –> Page –> Background and choose from the various colours/ patterns available there to make all your slides look very different from the rest.
  6. Impressive Bullets/ Numbering: Well, aren’t you bored of using the black filled small circle for bullets? So are the viewers. With Libre Office, you could just use numbers instead of bullets, or even better – use graphical bullets in the shape of diamonds, stars, boxes, etc as bullets in various colours like red/green/blue and more.
  7. Save for Auto-Recovery: You can go to Options –> Load/Save –> General and give a value like ‘5 minutes’ (or lesser) for save auto recovery information, so that even if you forget to save a presentation and accidentally closed it, you can still recover a major part of it. But please develop the habit of saving your work at regular instants, it helps.
  8. Insert multiple types of media on any slide: Text, is good. But images are better and videos are even better. So, you can embed all sorts of media (pictures, tables, videos, sounds, graphs, etc) on any slide using Libre Office. Do use different forms of media more often, viewers would appreciate them.
  9. Insert a comment: You can insert comments on every slide (visible only during editing the slides), so that if multiple persons are editing the same slide, they could note your remarks about that slide. Or, it could be useful to yourself, when opening the file after some time.
  10. Insert a Footer Text/ Logo: Footer is an area (below the presentation) and what ever is placed there is visible on all the slides. Use it to display your company logo/ company name/ product tag-line or anything that you want to register in the minds of the viewers, by displaying them on all the slides.


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  • Xx_UbuntuGENIOUS_xX

    It beats oppenoffice.org from older repositories. Only place where no difference (almost) is not seen is the text writer.

  • Anna Fox

    I need to share my presentation and it will not save the sounds I have provided and transitions for each slide. I do not see an option to export the slide show. Could you please tell me how to export the slides including sound and transition just as I have provided to my project.

    I have tried saving as macromedia.