Focus Startupcity: Ennovasys

We had earlier blogged about the Silicon India’s Startup city event/ exhibition that was held on June 6th 2009 in Bangalore, India where a number of start up companies from India showcased their products and technology and was looking out for possible funding.

So, we have decided to write about some of them in a series called “Focus Startupcity” – where we want to introduce the company and the technology/ products that they bring/ hope to bring in the area of IT networking technologies.

Ennovasys is a Chennai (India) based start-up company which promotes their product – “Pistasuite”, which is a unified Location (Location Based Service – LBS) Engine which provides the necessary asset visibility data for supply chain process automation and increase in-transit visibility using technologies like mobile, GPS, Wi-Fi, Sensors and RFID.

What they do is, use their LBS software solution to track certain important assets of any company right from the manufacturing process, to the delivery. They can track a wide variety of assets like laptops, people, goods etc. They use multiple technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, sensors and RFID. They have a way to collect the information from diverse sources, they have a database, they integrate with an ERP solution and they also have a dashboard which gives a unified view of all assets across the enterprise.

It seems quite simple, but it is actually quite complicated. Implimenting a location based service based on a single service like Wi-FI in itself is a complicated process. So, what they are trying to achieve across multiple software platforms and multiple hardware platforms is indeed note worthy. We assume that the solution has been tested across multiple platforms as in most such solutions, integration is the key. The website could feature more information like test reports or case studies, but since it is a startup, probably they would be planning to have all that soon. And their website says that their focus is on Indian customers. So, some information on what kind of applications it has in various industry segments would be useful. Such solutions may need to be customized to suit the customer requirements.

So, we wish them “All the best” in their bold initiative. You could visit their website at

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