Libre Office needs you – Join the Libre Office Bug hunting session on Dec 28/29

As you might be knowing by now, Libre Office is one of the most popular open source based Office productivity suite. If you need an introduction to Libre Office, click here.

It is the spirit of open source projects to involve everyone to contribute on their projects. Since the next major update – Libre Office 3.5 is around the corner, Libre Office is welcoming volunteers to test their new beta version (which comes with a lot of feature improvements) for any potential bugs and report the same, on December 28, 29 – 2011.

Anyone with a Computer and Internet connection can participate by downloading the beta version to their desktop and testing out the application (for your favorite features/ new features). Other users and experienced people would be available at certain timings to help new volunteers over IRC chat and mailing lists.

Enthusiastic volunteers are requested to join the QA testing session and the volunteer who identifies and reports the most number of bugs will even be awarded the title, ‘Bug hunting hero’ by the Libre Office team. Read this, if you are new to discovering and reporting bugs.

For many people, identifying bugs might be the first step to getting involved in an Open Source project. The spirit of Open Source project is in contributing something back to the application/ project that one utilizes frequently. Open Source projects thrive on the contributions made by their users. Users also get to interact with senior contributors and learn a lot while testing/ extending the project. Who knows, you might get a chance to develop the next most-wanted feature of Libre Office!

One rarely gets the exposure to the whole project in a corporate setting. Open Source projects offer that global view/ big-picture exposure, once you get involved in them. Don’t you want to be a part of the global team of volunteers who want to create something useful? Go ahead and take the first step during this holidays.

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