Video over IP

Advantages of IP Video Surveillance over DVR Surveillance

This article lists the advantages of IP based Video Surveillance over DVR Surveillance. We discuss advantages like Scalability, cost efficiency, single network for multiple needs, reliability and redundancy, extended applications, open standards, enabling of wireless surveillance etc. for IP video Surveillance. »

What is Telepresence and what are its components?

What is Telepresence and what are its components?

This article gives an introduction to Telepresence, how Telepresence creates an immersive real time meeting atmosphere, what are the components of Telepresence, interoperability between Telepresence and video conferencing and bandwidth requirements of a Telepresence solution. »

How total digital functionality is enabled by IP Video Surveillance

This article discusses the components of a Video Surveillance system and how digital functionality is enabled by IP Video Surveillance system by digitizing all the components of a Video surveillance system namely - camera, recording, monitor and network. »

An Overview of Audio Conferencing Systems

This article is to provide an overview of audio conferencing systems, their features, cell phone connectivity, integration with video conference, content sharing on an audio conference and audio conference systems over IP. »

What is High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing?

This article introduces the High Definition or HD Video Conferencing, the standards used in HD video conferencing with reference to definition(pixels) and presentation of motion(frames per second), advantages of HD video conferencing, aspect ratio and bandwidth in HD video conferencing and requirements of HD video conferencing. »

An overview of Video Multi-Conference Units (MCU)

This article gives a small introduction to a Multi-Conference Unit in Video Conferencing systems, the necessity to have a separate hardware based multi-conferencing unit, the features and functionalities supported by them, managed multi-conferencing systems, gateways and gatekeepers. »

Recording and Streaming of Video Conference sessions

This article discusses the recording, streaming and playing back of the video conference sessions. We discuss the ways of recording single and multi-point calls, if streaming is possible in real-time and how the users are able to play-back the recordings and if the videos can be archived. »

Video phones and features supported by them

Video phones and features supported by them

This article describes a typical video phone, the common features supported by them, specific features they support for bandwidth, display, camera, voice etc. We provide a global picture of the functionality and technologies supported by today's video phone. »

Options available for displaying content in Video Conferencing along with video

This article tells about the various options available to display content (other than the video output from the camera(s)) - document camera output, DVD player output, Output from a PC monitor, Smart board output and the options of displaying them at the other end. These optional accessories and their applications are to compliment the... »

PC based personal Video Conferencing systems

PC based personal Video Conferencing systems

This article looks at the alternatives available to web-conferences (video) to enable a more professional and quality video conferences right from your desktop via a software application. These PC based personal video conferencing solutions can also enable inter-office one to one or one-to-many video calling/ conferences. So, we look at the features, options, constraints... »

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