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Factors that affect VOIP Call quality

Factors that affect VOIP Call quality

In this article, we would take a look at the various factors that affect the call quality while transporting voice over IP Networks. We take a look at factors like the type of audiocodec used, latency, jitter and jitter buffer, packet loss, packet size, silence suppression, echo and other network parameters that affect the... »

What is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications?

The communications industry, video conferencing industry, contact centre industry - all of them are so excited about UC - Unified Communications. Let us see the various components/features of Unified Communications and how they can be applied to businesses, in this article. »

Options for Call Detail Recording(CDR) and Call budgeting in PBX

Options for Call Detail Recording(CDR) and Call budgeting in PBX

Cost cutting, especially those that recur every month, seems to be the priority of companies these days. One thing that the companies can look in to, is reducing the calls and the call charges associated with the company telephony infrastructure. How much of control can a company have on its outgoing calls - let's... »

What an enterprise company should know about a Contact Center

This article looks at the basic components of a contact center, defines a blended contact center, introduces an IP based blended contact center and lists down its advantages and explores the options available for all the agents to communicate with the customer other than voice - like email, web chat, PC based remote guidance... »

What is so different about an IP Fax?

This article attempts to communicate the differences between a normal fax and an IP fax. It tells you why an IP fax server is required, what are the options of sending and receiving fax through IP and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an IP Fax. »

How Skills based Routing in done in Call Centres

This article gives an introduction to ACD - Automatic Call Distribution, explains what is Skills based Routing, the factors in the In-coming calls that affect the parameters of skills based routing, options available for call centre software to route the calls, management, advantages and dis-advantages of skills based routing in call centres. »

Speech Recognition with Enterprise PBX and its applications

This article discusses what is speech recognition, what you should know about the types of speech recognition, what are the applications of speech recognition in enterprise level, what are the components of a speech recognition solution, what are the advantages and limitation of using speech recognition for enterprise/commercial applications. »

Call Centre: What is a Dialer and what are the types of Dialers

This article gives a glimpse of what a Dialler is and why it is used in Call Centres, an introduction to various types of Diallers : Manual Dialing, Preview Dialing, Predictive Dialling and Progressive Dialling including the advantages and dis-advantages of each type. »

How VOIP helps to reduce long distance charges for enterprise companies

This article gives an idea about how companies are using VOIP to reduce long distance call charges. We discuss about IP Trunking between multiple PBX in various branches, SIP Trunks offered by service providers for overseas calling and Least Call Routing Methodologies employed in IP PBX. »

Some call center functionalities that can be built into an IP PBX

This article gives an account of the call center funtionalities that can come in-built in to an IP PBX like Incoming call rules, Call queuing, IVR(Interactive Voice Response) & MOH(Music on Hold) and Call Recording and analyses if a small call centre can function without those costly call center applications. »

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