Open Source DLP – Data Leak/Loss Prevention Application: MyDLP

Open Source DLP – Data Leak/Loss Prevention Application: MyDLP

MyDLP is an Open Source Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP) application. You could also listen to the above embedded Youtube podcast of this article. Direct Youtube link: Why would anyone want to use a DLP application? How much ever it might hurt, we need to admit that human beings make mistakes. What if, one... »

The Open-Source Technology Series for Network/IT Admin – BEGINS

  If you don’t want to read the articles (for this open-source network/IT tools series), you could see or listen to the Youtube presentation/podcast. Youtube short-link: What’s this SERIES ABOUT? This is an INTRODUCTORY post to intimate y’all about the SERIES of posts on OPEN-SOURCE TOOLS/TECHNOLOGIES for NETWORK/IT administrators, that will be appearing in... »

When will H.265 (HEVC) Video Conferencing Systems be released?

When will H.265 (HEVC) Video Conferencing Systems be released?

What is H.265/HEVC? H.265 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the successor to the MOST POPULAR and the MOST WIDELY used H.264 (AVC) video compression protocol. The H.264 codec is currently being used by most video conferencing/video surveillance systems. HEVC/H.265 can provide the SAME video quality at HALF bit-rate (bandwidth) when compared to H.264, and... »

I am Compiling a List of Free/Open Source Tools for IT/Network Admin – You can Help!

Hello People, I am compiling a list of Free & Open Source (preferably) tools available for IT/Network administrators and it will possibly be released as an eBook. There are free & open source tools available for almost every area of IT/Network administration, but I don’t find a comprehensive listing of quality tools that can... »

Passive Optical LAN for Enterprise Networks – Advantages & Limitations

When you think of LAN (Local Area Network), you generally think of Cat 5/6 cables and network switches, don’t you? But certain developments in the carrier networking technologies has made optical fiber networking feasible, and maybe even beneficial, for the Enterprise LAN. Will all our copper cables be replaced by fiber cables sometime in... »

July 26 is the Annual SysAdmin Day!!

This website has decided that today, July 26 will be the annual Sysadmin Day/System Administrator Appreciation Day. When you click on that link, a HORROR slide-show will appear and I strongly recommend you to view all the pictures, and determine how close they are to your company set-up Today is the day YOU can... »

An Example set by French Govt: Use Open-source Productivity Suits for Public Deptartments

An Example set by French Govt: Use Open-source Productivity Suits for Public Deptartments

How long are Governments around the world going to keep telling their people that open-source tools cannot be used for large public organizations/Govt. departments? Today, let us look at an excellent example set by the French Govt. as they transition 500,000 desktops to the free open-source office productivity suite – LibreOffice. And, do you... »

IT MOOC by Enterasys: Learn Networking, IPv6, Wireless & Security Fundamentals Online

Enterasys Networks, part of Siemens Enterprise Communications, will be launching an IT MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that will enable students and young/new professionals in the IT/Networking field to learn the basics of Data Network Fundamentals, IPv6 Fundamentals, Wireless Fundamentals and Security Concepts, online. According to the press-release published by Enterasys Networks, these courses... »

Are Solid State Hybrid LED/Laser Projectors gaining popularity?

With a rated light-source life of 20,000 hours, the new solid state hybrid LED/LASER projectors are definitely getting some positive attention. But will they eventually replace the LCD/DLP projectors? The current breed of projectors have been increasing in popularity due to higher brightness, higher resolution, excellent picture clarity, HD/3D support and other features. Projectors... »

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint: Why is it required for hotspots?

In our homes/offices, we just need to authenticate with the Wi-Fi network once. After that, we don’t need to authenticate every time we connect to the Wi-Fi network as the computer automatically registers with Wi-Fi network once we switch it on. But this is not possible in public Wi-Fi hotspots, where we need to... »

Is it possible to get computer monitors that don’t hurt our eyes??

This is a ‘rant’ and not a ‘technology’ post. With the amount of time that all of us spend in front of our computers, laptops, tablets, etc., I wonder why all them come with the back-lighted LCD display technology? Working in front of our monitors for a few hours hurts our eyes pretty badly... »

Will Power-Line Networking find Enterprise/Industrial Applications?

Power-Line Networking has grown by leaps and bounds recently and currently available power-line adapters in the market provide a bandwidth of up to 500 Mbps. The concept of transmitting data using the standard power cables at home/office has been picking steam over the years and currently power-lines have become a viable competitor to wired/wireless... »

Are we moving from 10GbE Fiber to 10GbE Copper?

There are two major applications that require 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) speeds – Backbone network connectivity, mainly from the core switch to the distribution switches and the connectivity between distribution switches to the edge switches, as well. The second application is a virtualized data center. With server virtualization becoming more popular, increasing number of... »

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