Is it possible to get computer monitors that don’t hurt our eyes??

This is a ‘rant’ and not a ‘technology’ post. With the amount of time that all of us spend in front of our computers, laptops, tablets, etc., I wonder why all them come with the back-lighted LCD display technology? Working in front of our monitors for a few hours hurts our eyes pretty badly... »

Will Power-Line Networking find Enterprise/Industrial Applications?

Power-Line Networking has grown by leaps and bounds recently and currently available power-line adapters in the market provide a bandwidth of up to 500 Mbps. The concept of transmitting data using the standard power cables at home/office has been picking steam over the years and currently power-lines have become a viable competitor to wired/wireless... »

Are we moving from 10GbE Fiber to 10GbE Copper?

There are two major applications that require 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) speeds – Backbone network connectivity, mainly from the core switch to the distribution switches and the connectivity between distribution switches to the edge switches, as well. The second application is a virtualized data center. With server virtualization becoming more popular, increasing number of... »

Has Energy Efficiency been a Criterion to select your Servers?

We employ a number of criterion (like number of sockets, processing power, memory capacity, etc.) to select the most appropriate servers for our data centers. But, does energy efficiency figure among those? Should it? Of course it should. In most cases, electricity costs incurred by running a server might be more than the cost of the... »

Hardware Monitoring- The backbone of Network monitoring!

Hardware Monitoring- The backbone of Network monitoring!

This is a guest post by Brad Hale, Product Marketing Principal, SolarWinds. Monitoring your network performance remains a significant factor for organizations, as IT departments grapple with increasing network problems. Further, you also need to keep a tab on the performance of the hardware as it has a direct impact on the performance of... »

5 VoIP Features You Might Not Be Using (But should be)

This is a guest post by Rachel Greenberg. When using a service like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), customers have access to lots of great phoning features at no extra cost. However, with so many features to keep track of, there might be a few that you don’t take full use of, or maybe... »

Libre Office 4.0 – The Latest version of the free office productivity suite released

The Document Foundation has released the latest version of Libre Office – 4.0.  I guess people are already aware of Libre Office – The free, open source office productivity suit consisting of Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math & Base. Libre Office can be downloaded and used on Linux, Windows & MacOS platforms. You can... »

Would you prefer a rack with integrated compute, storage & networking components?

Would you prefer a rack with integrated compute, storage & networking components?

Photo: Derrick Coetzee. Published under this creative commons license. Instead of buying a separate rack, servers, storage appliances, networking switches, etc and integrating the hardware/firmware to work with each other, what if you are able to buy a rack that comes pre-installed with all these components and (internal) connectivity? Wait, there is more –... »

M2M – Machine to Machine Communications (An Intro)

M2M or Machine to Machine communications is the next big thing after the Internet. Yes, M2M going to be a part of ‘Internet for things’ just like how we have ‘Internet for people’. The concept of machines talking to each other and making the best decisions for us, is closer to reality than you... »

Ubuntu Phone – An Excellent proposition for the enterprise?

You might be aware that Ubuntu is coming out with an OS for smart phones. A short Youtube video introducing their OS is embedded above. What’s different with Ubuntu Phone OS though, is the direction in which they are steering the concept of a smart phone. They propose a single device that will act... »

Should enterprises consider geolocation data for routing application requests?

It is not uncommon to see enterprise companies host their applications/data on multiple data centers, private & public clouds. Geolocation is a technology that helps companies determine accurate location of clients/devices accessing their applications/data. This is nothing new, as content delivery networks have been using this technology for quite some time to locate servers... »

Advantages of Precision Air Conditioners for Data Centers/Server Rooms

Let us look at the advantages of Precision air conditioners over comfort/standard air conditioners for data centers and server rooms. Of course, people use precision air conditioners (or something better) by default in data centers, these days. But, smaller facilities like server rooms and IT rooms don’t always get that privilege. It might actually take... »

How to Optimize Your Home Network for Multimedia Streaming

This is a guest post by Jena Branch of Wireless networks have become extremely common today, and are now available in offices and homes alike. Though setting up an Internet connection is really simple, the connection struts and re-buffers when you try Multimedia streaming. You may not be able to carry out your... »

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Bi-Monthly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (25 Mar – 7 Apr, ’14)

By Rajesh K

Hello, Welcome to bi-monthly Computer Networking/IT industry updates. In this edition, let us look at some news & product releases by the vendors in... »