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Different ways to do a Video Conference – Personal and Professional

By Rajesh K

There are so many situations when we wish we could see and talk to another person/ few people - both for personal and professional reasons. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which we can do that as long as there is some form of connectivity between the two people wanting... »

What is High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing?

By Rajesh K

This article introduces the High Definition or HD Video Conferencing, the standards used in HD video conferencing with reference to definition(pixels) and presentation of motion(frames per second), advantages of HD video conferencing, aspect ratio and bandwidth in HD video conferencing and requirements of HD video conferencing. »

An overview of Video Multi-Conference Units (MCU)

By Rajesh K

This article gives a small introduction to a Multi-Conference Unit in Video Conferencing systems, the necessity to have a separate hardware based multi-conferencing unit, the features and functionalities supported by them, managed multi-conferencing systems, gateways and gatekeepers. »

Recording and Streaming of Video Conference sessions

By Rajesh K

This article discusses the recording, streaming and playing back of the video conference sessions. We discuss the ways of recording single and multi-point calls, if streaming is possible in real-time and how the users are able to play-back the recordings and if the videos can be archived. »

Options available for displaying content in Video Conferencing along with video

By Rajesh K

This article tells about the various options available to display content (other than the video output from the camera(s)) - document camera output, DVD player output, Output from a PC monitor, Smart board output and the options of displaying them at the other end. These optional accessories and their applications are to compliment the... »

PC based personal Video Conferencing systems

By Rajesh K

This article looks at the alternatives available to web-conferences (video) to enable a more professional and quality video conferences right from your desktop via a software application. These PC based personal video conferencing solutions can also enable inter-office one to one or one-to-many video calling/ conferences. So, we look at the features, options, constraints... »

Voice activated camera/ multipoint switching and Camera preset settings in Video Conferencing systems

By Rajesh K

This article explains the voice activated camera settings available in a video conference system, camera pre-set settings, pros and cons of both and multipoint voice activated switching in video conferencing systems. Of course, we also cover why voice activated settings are exciting! »

Bandwidth requirements and types of connectivity for video conferencing

By Rajesh K

This article is focussed on the discussion about the bandwidth required to set-up a video conferencing call, what is H.264 and how it helps to achieve good quality calls at lower bandwidth, what are the types of connectivity you can look for setting up a professional video conferencing solution. We will also see if... »

Overview of display units for Video Conferencing systems

By Rajesh K

This article talks about the different display units that can be used for a Video Conferencing system to display the output (The video from the other side and any presentation). We look at CRT TV's, LCD TV's, Plasma display terminals and LCD projectors as the potential candidates to display the Video Conferencing output. We... »

An overview of Video Conferencing solutions over IP

By Rajesh K

This articles covers the advantages offered by Video Conferencing solutions, the components of a Video Conferencing solution, the features offered by today's Video conferencing solutions and some global standards in Video Conferencing industry. This article explores the kind of IP Network that is required for a Video Conferencing solution to be functional. »

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