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Can a Wireless Network eliminate a Wired Network completely?

By Rajesh K

Implementing a wireless network does not mean that a wired network can be completely eliminated - At best, it can reduce the edge switches/ switch ports and cables/ passive components. In this post, let us try to understand what components are reduced and what components are added to a network, when a wireless... »

Why is a Controller required in a wireless network

By Rajesh K

What can you do with a controller based centralized wireless networks of today? Read on to find out the features and functionality provided by controller based wireless (Wi-Fi) networks for medium and large institutions/ enterprises. »

Using Directional and Omni-Directional Antennas in Wireless Networks

By Rajesh K

This post gives an introduction to the two types of Antennas used in Wireless Networks - Directional Antennas and Omni-directional Antennas. We also have a look at in-built antennas and external antennas and the options available with Access Points for the same. We discuss the type of coverage provided by either and particular situations... »

Managing multi-vendor wireless access points in Wi-Fi networks

By Rajesh K

This article gives an introduction to the software applications that manage multi-vendor access points, controllers and other Wi-Fi devices on a huge disparate network. We look at the user, device monitoring, visual heat maps offering live coverage of the Wi-Fi network, security features like rogue access point detection etc. that can be uniformly applied... »

Difference between Stand Alone Access points and Controller based Access points

By Rajesh K

This article discusses the difference between Stand-Alone Access Points (Thick) and Controller based Access Points (Thin) - the basic structural difference, authentication, radio management, security, access control and other management features in both of them. »

Location Tracking using Wi-Fi based RFID Tags

By Rajesh K

This article gives an introduction to the Wi-Fi based RFID Tags, how the location of assets can be devised by the combination of Enterprise Wi-Fi and RFID technologies, what can be accomplished by such a system, advantages and limitations of Wi-Fi based RFID Location tracking technology. »

Guest Access in Wireless LAN

By Rajesh K

This article explores the ways in which the guests can be given access to wireless networks, whether they could be authenticated, whether their access can be restricted to certain services in the network and whether usage statistics and logs can be generated for guests. »

Quality of Service in Wireless Networks – WMM and WMM-SA

By Rajesh K

This article introduces the QoS mechanisms followed by a wireless network like WMM(Wireless Multi-Media) and WMM-SA(Wireless Multi-Media Scheduled Access) which are both standards based and help wireless networks to reliably enable real time and latency sensitive applications like voice and video by prioritizing them and transmitting them ahead of the normal data traffic like... »

Does having a “No-Wireless” Policy make your organization secure?

By Rajesh K

How safe is an organization (like a bank) which has prevented the use of Wi-Fi systems in its premisis? That's what we are going to see in this article. We will also see how Wi-Fi infrastructure (Wireless Intrusion Prevention) can be helpful in enforcing the "No Wireless" policy. »

What is IEEE 802.11n, what are the advantages and challenges for 802.11n in Wi-Fi networks

By Rajesh K

This article explains the IEEE 802.11n standard for wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, what is the bandwidth supported by this standard, what is the distance covered by access points employing 802.11n, the advantages of 802.11n, what are the challenges faced by this standard, what steps must someone ensure before upgrading to 802.11n and if it is... »

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