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You can follow me in Google+ if you work in Computer Networking Domain

As you might know, this website – excITingIP.com gives an overview on various Computer Networking & related IT technologies. I do quite a bit of research on the Internet to come up with articles in this blog, and in the process read a lot of interesting stuff on Computer Networking and related topics.

Though I am on facebook, I am not able to share interesting articles I come across primarily because a lot of my personal friends / family members may not find them interesting. I only share articles from my personal blog/ general stuff with them. But on Google + there is an interesting feature called ‘Circles’ which allows me to share personal links/ info with family and friends only & professional links/ info with colleagues and followers because I can categorize people into various different circles and share only related things with people in a particular circle.

Secondly, if you have used Twitter you know that you can follow someone without having to take their consent. If you can find them, you can follow them and all their shared links/ updates will be visible to you. Google + is based on a similar concept – You just need to know my name (identity)/ email address to add me to one of your circles. I don’t have to approve your friend request or anything – anyone can follow anyone else. Now, if I also follow you back, I can see your posts/ updates as well.

Let us take a situation where you are following me and I am not following you. You can obviously see my posts / updates (and) surprise – I can also see your posts / updates (Not in my home page, but in a separate category called ‘Incoming’). This may be slightly confusing in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it as you go on.

This feature can also be very useful in a company for internal messaging(When Google+ business version comes out, restricting the followers to within a certain organization, perhaps). For example, everyone can follow the CEO and get to know all the messages/ posts from him. But the CEO need not follow everyone, he might just follow a few people – like HR head, Admin head, IT head, etc to oversee the announcements from these departments.

Of course there are many more features in Google+ including the video chatting using hangouts, but I found the circles feature very impressive. Though it might take some effort to create and maintain circles, it helps me to share stuff only with relevant people.

So, if you are in Google + do follow me if you are interested to receive updates on interesting links/web-pages (including this one) on Computer Networking/ related IT technologies. My name, email: Rajesh K, excitingip[at]gmail[dot]com

If you are not in Google + and want an invite, just use the contact form and let me know – I will send you an invite (right now this network is on invitation only basis – but they might open it to everyone in future).

Rajesh K – Administrator, excITingIP.com

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