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How about using a Cell phone Jammer?

Cell phones are a wonderful invention! But sometimes, wonderful inventions can be misused/ abused by certain individuals. That’s why we have network security (for example). But what about cell phones? Can we block cell phone signals at certain locations in order to thwart unnecessary cell-phone conversations? Yes, we can do that – with a Cell Phone Jammer!

What is a Cell Phone Jammer?

A cell phone basically uses wireless radio frequency signals at particular range of frequencies to transmit voice/ data over the wireless medium in order to communicate with other cell phones. These signals are coordinated by cell-phone towers in areas where cell phone coverage is available.

Mostly, cell phones use one frequency to send signals and another frequency to receive signals. The frequencies used by major Telecom standards like GSM, CDMA, 3G/4G, DCS, PHS, etc are fixed, over large geographies. So, it is possible to create interference in cell phone communications (over a certain area) by transmitting high-power RF signals that are in the same range as the cell phone communication signals, that need to be blocked.

To do this, one might need a small equipment (with transmitters, antennas and other electronic circuits) called as, ‘Cell phone Jammers’. When someone switches this equipment On, high power RF signals are generated and sent out (within a certain coverage area), causing interference with the genuine cellular voice/ data signals, effectively blocking/ disrupting them.

Of course, using these Cell phone Jammers is restricted/ banned in many countries and hence you might want to check before ordering one.

Common Applications of Cell phone Jammers:

  • To prevent calls in meeting/ conference rooms, training sessions, etc.
  • To prevent cell phone communications (and data networks like 3G) within manufacturing floors, design rooms, research facilities, etc in order to prevent data theft.
  • Law-enforcement agencies, military and defense units might want to employ them to prevent communications between criminals and disable any remote detonation of bombs using cell phones.
  • Cell Phone Jammers can be used in prisons, colleges (especially during exams), shops, super-markets, gas stations, movies, drama houses, and other locations where cell phone usage is prohibited.
  • They can be used in Banks (to enforce no-cell phone usage policy within bank premises), museums, religious places, etc.
  • In high security areas, like receiving foreign dignitaries, events addressed by a president, etc.

Commonly used Cellphone Jammer models might have the following characteristics –

  • Cell phone jammers generally support jamming in multiple frequency bands (tri-band, quad-band, etc) and can be used to prevent GSM, CDMA, 3G/4G and other common mobile standards from functioning, over the range of its operation. With a few of these units, it is possible to select the range of frequencies to block, and only those frequencies can be selectively blocked.
  • The range over which a Cell phone Jammer can be effective, varies between a few feet to 40-50 meters for commonly used Jammer models. But high power equipments can prevent cellular communications over a couple of kilo-meters, if required.
  • The distance covered by Cell phone Jammers depends on the power level of the operating equipment (Jammer) and also local obstructions like walls, glass, etc. Some of these equipments come with manual power adjustment.
  • Some Cell phone Jammers work using electrical power (especially the high-powered ones requiring 24 x 7 operation) but many others work using rechargeable batteries. The duration (for continuous operation) supported by battery powered models is limited (few hours) and they need to be recharged frequently. But these models are portable and can be used for mobile applications.
  • Some Cell phone Jammers can be combined with Bluetooth Jammers/ Wi-Fi jammers in the same unit, in order to disrupt/ block some more types of wireless communications, as well.

Have a look at this site to get an idea about the different types of  Cell phone Jammers available. This is just for your reference and we are not aware of the quality of the products they supply.