Bi-Monthly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (Oct 15 – 28, ’13)


Welcome to bi-monthly Computer Networking/IT industry updates. In this post, let us look at happenings with the vendors in our industry over the last two weeks (Oct 15 – 23, 2013).

#1. Cisco introduces Cisco Expressway, Jabber guest, 7800-Series IP Phones, DX650 Smart Desk Phones: (Read more…)

  • Cisco Expressway is a gateway for collaboration products that allows users gain instant access without device registration, etc. It can secure messages using TLS security.
  • Jabber Guest uses Expressway’s security to enable guests to communicate using HD voice/video instantly, through web-links.
  • Cisco 7800-series IP Phones are Class 1 POE devices that can automatically shutdown during off-peak hours, saving power.
  • Cisco DX650 is a smart desk phone that syncs with users’ Apple or Android mobile phones.

#2. Dell introduces Dell SonicWALL NSA 2600 Appliance, One Identity Cloud Access Manager: (Read more…)

  • SonicWALL NSA 2600 Network Security Appliance for small to mid-sized organizations features a scalable multi-core architecture, scans all traffic regardless of ports or protocols, among others.
  • One Identity Cloud Access Manager provides web-based access control for both on-premises and cloud applications.

#3. Dell World 2013 will be held from Dec 11-13, 2013, at Austin, TX, this year. It is an event for IT professionals. Early bird savings is available for members registering before Oct 31. (Read more…)

#4. Barracuda releases Load Balancer ADC 540 Appliance: Combined with the upcoming 5.1 firmware release, this load-balancer model offers 2-Gbps throughput, provides extended AAA capabilities and supports ADC Vx virtual appliance. (Read more…)

#5. Lenovo introduces ThinkServer 540 & 640 Servers: Available in 1U/2U configurations, these two servers come with Intel Xeon E5 processors (up to 24 cores), up to 360 GB of memory and much more. (Read more…)

#6. Axis Communications introduces Q1614 & Q1614-E Fixed Network Cameras: Targeted at industrial & city surveillance applications, these two cameras support HD recording at twice the frame rate to handle high-contrasts and can handle low-light conditions. (Read more…)

#7. Google releases Google Maps Engine Pro & Handwriting recognition for Gmail/Docs:

  • Instead of having to look at data in long spreadsheets, wouldn’t it be easier if you could visualize it over a Map and be able to interact with it? Check out how Google Maps Engine Pro can help.
  • If you’ve wanted to include foreign language words in Gmail/Gdocs, you can now do that with the mouse using Google’s handwriting input tools. (Read more…)

#8. VMware acquires Desktone: Desktone offers Cloud-based DaaS – Desktop as a Service, to deliver Windows-based desktop to any users, anywhere, on any device. (Read more…)

#9. Grandstream introduces GXV3610 HD IP Surveillance Camera: This is an indoor/outdoor, fixed-dome type IP Camera that features IR (low-light), HD 720p, Wide Angle monitoring, etc. (Read more…)

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  • Sedina

    I have a Cisco CCNA and have been in the networking field for 10 years. I sttaerd out in education. College specifically. They always have huge networks. I haven’t left and have been very successful. Also hospitals are good networking jobs. Try and avoid small consulting companies that offer website building services and operate as an ISP. I tried that as a side job years ago and they rarely compensate you very well.