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Libre Office Impress Remote Control using Android & iOS mobile

Video Tutorial on how to set-up and use Libre Office Remote Control using Android:

As you might know, Libre Office is a free/open source office productivity suite. Libre Office Impress enables you to create and present slide-shows. A new feature developed for Libre Office (which can be installed in Windows, Mac & Linux systems) lets presenters to control their presentation from their Android phone/tablet (or) iOS phone/tablet, upon downloading a free app. A small introduction on how a user can set-up and use the remote presentation feature in Libre Office through an Android phone, has been embedded above.

There are two main modes in which you can use this app – one mode lets you flip between slides (on the top of the mobile screen), while seeing the presenter notes (on the bottom). Another mode allows the presenter to see multiple slides as small icons throughout the screen and select any slide they want, from the tiled list. The selection they make on the mobile phone/tablet is instantly reflected on the projector/monitor screen. The communication between the PC (connected to the projector) and the phone can be established using Bluetooth.

This app, previously available only for Android, is also available on iOS now. Have a look at this blog post from The Document Foundation for further details.