Interviewers, Save Time with InterviewDesk

If you work in the Human Resources/Staffing industry you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to select the right candidate from hundreds of applications received for each job position. A lot of time is required just to sort out all the applications and shortlist a few candidates for interviews.

A dedicated HR manager/team can do this task, but with many positions that need to be filled up fast, this can become a difficult task even for them. For small companies, hiring a dedicated HR staff may be expensive.

If you are part of an HR consultancy or if you are an entrepreneur managing your own recruitment, imagine how much more difficult the process can get. That time, if freed up, can be invested in more productive/strategic areas.


Recently, I went to a product launch of a new platform that simplifies the entire interview process, at Hotel Radisson Blu, Chennai. This platform is aptly called ‘InterviewDesk’ and they offer part-time manpower on-demand who can go through all the resumes for a particular position, select appropriate ones, interview eligible candidates, and shortlist 5-10 candidates who can then be interviewed by the Company HR/Top Management. This platform not only saves time but also saves money for employers.

For interviewers with considerable domain experience, the platform could generate extra income. It can also be a part-time career for professionals who don’t want to work full-time or want to work from home.

So if you are either an interviewer or employer, take a look at InterviewDesk – India’s first on-demand interviewer platform, and register yourself.

Pichumani Durairaj, the person behind InterviewDesk has 15-years of combined experience in the HR/Staffing industry, as an employer and as a recruitment consultant. Here is Mr. Pichumani (right) along with Mr. Kiruba Shankar (left) introducing the platform at the launch event –


Disclaimer: This blog post has been written in collaboration with InterviewDesk.