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GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera – Better than the Best?

GoPro, the most popular action camera maker has launched it’s latest and bestest (yet) action cam – GoPro Hero 7 Black. But, is it worth upgrading to this camera if you already own one of the GoPros? What if you don’t have an action camera – is this the best option to buy a new action camera in 2018?

I would answer ‘Yes’ for the second question – GoPro definitely makes some of the best action cameras. GoPro Hero 7 is the latest; obviously you can expect it to be packed with the best features.

If you are in the US, the aggressive pricing strategy is, I feel, easily justifies the purchase. But if you live in countries like India, the current high USD-INR exchange rate might increase the price beyond expectations – in this case, the best strategy may be to wait and see, or to buy a lower GoPro Camera like the Hero 6 or Hero 5, both of which are still excellent options.

Of course, the main feature that the company is promoting this time around with Hero 7 is the ‘Gimbal-like Stabilisation’. Hero 5 & 6 comes with stabilisation, but if the Hero 7 is even better – why not simply buy the best?

The only issue I have with GoPro cameras as a video maker is their not-so-good low-light performance. Another is the requirement to buy an adapter to connect an external mic for capturing usable audio. I have bought a mobile camera video rig that can hold the GoPro camera, LED light, mic, and even a mobile phone (for backup recording) together, but it takes time and effort to set it up on a tripod and move it around. It’s low-cost and does the job – so far so fine!

However, it’s always a pleasure to have a GoPro (at least as a second camera) to shoot fast-moving scenes or slow-motion or timelapse or even a regular 4K footage in bright sunlight. The 240 fps slow motion capability is something that even regular cameras that cost 3X or 4X this one, don’t offer. Voice control and water/dust proof is something all video makers who want to push the ‘boundaries’ of their video making would love.

So if you are looking for an action camera, GoPro Hero 7 is easily the best option. Go for it 🙂