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Smartband: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one


So you are thinking whether to buy a Smartband (at least in 2019) or not. Even better, you maybe thinking what is this Smartband, what benefits does it give me, and why should I bother buying one?

Good, you have reached the right page.

I assume you spend most of your time on your favorite chair or couch – in a comfortable sedentary position. And you consider those steps taken from cab to office and cab to home as ‘sufficient’ exercise for the day.

Read on.

Smartbands: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one TODAY – 

ONE: Idle/Sitting Alerts & Notifications 

This one reason is sufficient enough to invest in a Smartband. Sedentary jobs and lifestyles sans physical activity is the main reason for many of our modern ailments.

So what can a smartband do for that? Much & Not so Much.

It can send out the MUCH needed aleart or notification or vibration telling you that you’ve been in a stationery/sedentary position for a prolonged amount of time (the alert time can be set – to 40 minutes, for example).

But that’s Not so Much help you if you ignore the alert and continue sitting. If you know that’s what you’ll do, stop reading now and research about buying something else – maybe your favorite pizza with extra cheese door-delivered?

TWO: Sleep Monitoring

Continuing with the above reason, if you’ve been in a sedentary position and are actively avoiding activity, or if you’ve been binge-watching all your favorite TV episodes in a single session as you couldn’t wait to see what obvious thing happens in the climax,

Chances are, you are missing out on your sleep or unable to sleep.

Smartbands can monitor your sleeping patterns/times everyday (incl. light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, etc.) and the smart ones even give recommendations on when and how more frequently you should sleep.

Of course, the over-smart you may choose to ignore those suggestions or create healthy sleep routines. Otherwise, you should buy a smartband.

THREE: Fitness Monitor

Smartbands count the number of steps you walked on a day/during a workout session, so that you actually know how much you’re capable of, and what goal you can set in the near future.

At the least, when you keep looking at your pathetic step-count on a smartband everyday, you might be ‘inspired’ to go on a long walk daily. ?.

FOUR: See the Time

You can see the time on your smartband, and it even looks like a sleek modern digital watch. Heck, you might even get away claiming that it is a smart watch. Technically, it is!

In most smartbands, you can just flip your wrist towards you for the notification LEDs to lighten up and show you the date, day, time, and maybe a few fitness essentials.

Of course, you can see the time on your mobile phone, or just ask a neighbor, or calculate it based on the position of the sun/moon – as well.

FIVE: Call, Message and App Notifications

Actually this is a con, not a pro. Trust me when I say that you should avoid smartphone addiction as much as possible. But, if you cannot, the smartband — which is expected to be always connected to the smartphone via bluetooth, etc. — will notify you of incoming calls (incl. numbers/names), messages, and even app notifications – even when you are 60-100 feet away from your phone.

Some of them will even show you a short version or just an icon when a new notification pops up on Gmail, Uber, WhatsApp and Instagram.

But as I said, this is a con and might increase your smartphone addition. So beware.


Investing in a Smart Wearable like the Smartband is the first step towards creating a Smart Home. Become smarter 🙂 #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution 

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