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    Controller-based Small Cells to Improve Cellular Coverage in the Enterprise

    Controller-based Small Cells maybe useful for densely packed enterprises, organizations or large public venues (like stadiums, malls) that experience call drops/poor quality cellular network coverage. They help reduce voice call drop rates and improve mobile broadband data rates (3G/LTE), especially in densely packed areas that are not serviced by the cellular towers optimally. With more employees accessing Internet/bandwidth-heavy applications like video on their mobile devices in their workplaces; and with people accessing social networks in densely packed malls or stadiums, the cellular network towers may not work as expected. Besides, network coverage maybe poor in certain locations inside large buildings that sometimes even calls are dropped. To improve the cellular…

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    What is 95th Percentile billing & how it offers burstable bandwidth rates

    95th Percentile is a method used by ISP's and Data Centers to provide a burstable and flexible bandwidth (Internet) access to companies over and above their contracted bandwidth rates for 5% of the time, without increasing the price. Let us learn more about 95th Percentile billing method in this article and see why you might want to push your ISP to offer this plan.

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    What are the advantages/ benefits of Business Broadband?

    While larger companies opt for Internet Leased Lines, smaller companies cannot always afford them and hence they might want to go with Broadband. While broadband is a good option, it is important to remember that business broadband connections that are specifically tailored for businesses, have certain advantages over home broadband connections. Let us look at some of them, in this article. Of course, Internet Leased Lines (ILL’s) are quite expensive but their prices are coming down rapidly and Internet Leased lines have a lot of advantages over business broadband connections. But still, companies prefer broadband connections because of their increasing capacity with competitive pricing. Since most of the employees primarily…

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    Accessing Internet over Power Lines

    The power lines, are present in almost all the localities (including rural homes). Is it possible to access Internet through these all-reaching power lines? And more importantly, is it feasible? We'll look at both the technology (Called as BPL - Broadband Over Power Lines / PLC - Power Line Communications) and its advantages/dis-advantages, in this article.

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    You could implement Global MPLS to connect International branches

    What are the options available for connecting multiple branches spread across the globe? IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a dedicated line that runs between two countries, but is very expensive. VPN over Internet Leased Lines maybe inexpensive, but its not very secure & CoS parameters cannot be applied for critical real time traffic. So, why not look at Global MPLS Network, then?

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    Enterprise Internet (WAN) Link Connectivity – Redundancy and Load Balancing

    While taking a single 2 Mbps Internet Leased Line Link might be more cost effective than taking two 1 Mbps ILL Links from multiple service providers, the various enterprise WAN Link termination/ connectivity devices come with good redundancy and load balancing options with multiple ILL Links, which can avoid single point failures at the most important point in the network - WAN/ Internet Gateway.

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    Centralized/ De-Centralized Internet Access and Inter-branch WAN Connectivity for Enterprises

    Most of the companies have multiple branches. And almost all of them connect to each other over WAN (Wide Area Network) Links. Each branch needs Internet connectivity as well. So, what kind of connectivity architecture do companies adopt? Which architecture is better - MPLS WAN Connectivity and Centralized Internet Access (or) De-centralized Internet Access at each branch, while still connecting to other branches using MPLS Links (or) Virtual Private Networks using just Internet Leased Lines at all branches? We will find out, in this article.

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    Salient Points and Applications of ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

    ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) hasn't found many takers for connecting to the Internet after the ADSL (broadband) networks became popular. But is connecting to the Internet, the only application of ISDN network? Do read on to find out how ISDN is relevant even in today's age of high speed networks like Internet Leased Lines, VSAT and 3G - Third Generation Mobile networks!