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O.K., I may not have written books on Computer Networking/IT (yet), but I have written one novel (storybook) and one non-fiction book (travel). Check out:

1. The Archers Revenge (Novel)

Aryan’s father is killed by a powerful Minister. No one, including the Police, is ready to help him get justice for the death of his father. Can the Minister be allowed to get away with a murder just because he is powerful? What can a mere unarmed individual do? 

Aryan realizes he is not totally unarmed – he had been training to get an Olympic medal in Archery. Can one man with bows and arrows be able to bring a powerful Minister, protected by the Police, down to his knees? Can archery win against guns and might? 

Set in contemporary India but written for International readers, this tale is bound to change your perspectives about a number of things in life. Underdogs are not always underdogs. Friends are not always friends. Destiny never favors only a few.

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2. India: 55 Must See Places & 50 Must Do things (Non Fiction, Travel)

If you are planning to travel to India or just evaluating your next travel destination, this book might be useful to you.

55 Must See Places: This section contains a photo and a short description of 55 important tourist locations in India. You can use it to evaluate and shortlist places you would like to visit, while in India. This is not a comprehensive list, it contains only those places considered important by the author.

50 Must Do Things: There are many things you can do while in India, apart from visiting tourist places. This section provides a list of 50 such unique and interesting things that you can do while in India, to keep yourself amused.

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